Win/Win Holiday Special!
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Win/Win Holiday Special!
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Win/Win Holiday Special!

Dear Clients, Friends,

       Happy Holidays and Thank You for your continued faith in my work and your collaboration in the manifestation of healing and wellness.....Yours and Mine. As you know, our journey to wellness is a partnership. You are the captain of your voyage, I'm just, let's say, the lighthouse! 

       I just want you to know that over the past 18 months each of you has truly given me the light, love and support that was necessary to keep me afloat.  As you know, it was a tough time, as I navigated through some rough seas. Almost two years ago, just after a grand celebration of  my 50th birthday, just as I was  preparing to tread through the final stretch of  raising my 11th grade, only child and JOY OF MY LIFE, my son Hiro, as he made his way out of high school and into the grueling college application process, my baby sister, Melanie, was diagnosed, in February of 2010, with pre-leukemia . Despite my exasperating, persistent, determination to have her body and her spirit heal holistically, her disease progressed aggressively and she transitioned this past September. She was only 42, leaving her husband and four -year- old daughter .

      The entire experience has brought to me an unexplainable level of humility. I am just in awe of all of it! In awe of the consistent outpouring of love from everyone, in awe of Melanie's grace, her strength, her courage and her wisdom.  I'm in awe of my Mother's  strength, courage and wisdom.  I am in awe of my niece's resilience in the wake of her Mother's permanent departure. I am in awe of  God's perfection....and how no matter how dark the road may seem from time to time, it's really is all perfect!  Faith has a new meaning to me. 

As an aside I'll interject that I began my career as a healer in 2000 when my uncle, a well known psychiatrist,  transitioned prematurely at age 62 from lung cancer. I knew something had to be better than hospitals and chemo.  Almost a decade later, I founded CHARTERS TO WELLNESS, as a tribute to my father, Gerald Davis, upon his transition. Daddy was a lover of the sea and raised me and my two sisters on his succession of boats, cruising around the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, the nautical metaphors for my philosophy of life's journey.     

        Somehow, we are all o.k.! Life, as we know it, still prevails. Melanie, our new angel, continues to summon her mentors (our ancestors, I guess) and they collectively shower us with blessings! I have survived my first tri-mester as an empty nester, as I spend my days working and playing close to the source of energy. Hiro has successfully completed his first semester of college at my beloved alma mater, Hampton University, our other home by the sea. My mother has landed the retirement gig of her dreams, adjunct professor of sociology, at her beloved alma mater, Morgan State University.  My middle sister, Alison, is loving her life and my niece, Trystin and her Dad, Trent, are remarkably living life according to Melanie's mantra.....don't stress over it.....just live, just be happy. We even have a new life to celebrate in our family. Our first cousin and his wife, after many  years of trying,  have successfully made it through their first, perhaps 2nd trimester of pregnancy! Yeah!!!  "Mel is that your work?"      
        The power of the veil of  communal love and its collective energy is a blessing. Thank you for being a weaver of my veil of love.

         Many Blessings,
     I welcome you to share your experiences of our journeys to wellness. Your thoughts will be inspirational to me and to others!

In light and love,
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