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Divine Palate
By Penny Morris

Every living thing on earth is classified as an organism.
Organisms are classified according to how they obtain food

        There are two types of organisms:
1.) AUTOTROPHS An organism that makes its own food, such as plants, grass, trees, algae, and certain bacteria

2.) HETEROTROPHS - Organisms that cannot produce their own food, such as humans and other species of animals. Humans must, therefore, obtain their food from autotrophs.
     Autotrophs (plants....trees, grass, flowers, etc..) use solar energy (sun) to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars and oxygen (the energy contained in our "real" foods... fruits & veggies and organically raised meats)  
6CO2 + 6H2O ==> C6H12O6 + 6O2.
 This process is called photosynthesis

Remember your 10th grade biology class? 

Without photosynthesis, there would be no life on Earth.

Humans consume plants (fruits, veggies and meat from animals who consume grass).  We use the sugars and oxygen derived from plants to store and  to release energy. ENERGY is needed in order for us to function and survive. This process is known as cellular respiration.
      Everything we eat impacts us on a cellular level. If we eat something that is has not directly, nor indirectly, undergone photosynthesis, it is not food.
Our cells (which control everything) always know the difference.

Over time, having consumed an excess of processed, un-natural food,   human cells will loose their ability to function. This is how disease occurs in our bodies. Processed foods are really not FOOD by the time they have gone through the process of being cooked to death, preserved, canned, stored, shipped, stored again, etc…… 
Get the picture?

1.)   Cut down on sodium and poison by throwing away canned foods.

2.)   Avoid the white stuff: use whole grains instead.

3.)   Eat plenty of fresh, organic, raw veggies and fruits daily. Practice juicing. Make tomato and fruit salsas and chutneys and embellish the flavors with fresh herbs, sea salt, olive oil, lemon juice, cayenne.
           Never cook olive oil. Cook with coconut oil.  

4.)   Avoid pesticides (carcinogens) by scrubbing all fresh produce and peeling off the skins..

5.)   Pay attention to organic labels. Just because it’s "labeled" organic does not mean it’s pesticide-free. Often the soil is contaminated by the watershed effect.  Even if the produce hasn’t been sprayed it may be grown in pesticide/polluted soil. Ideally, start your own garden in the countryside! (your deck is the next best place) or buy from local farmers.

6.)   Eat salmon and tuna three times per week for essential fatty acids.

7.)   Eat soaked or sprouted beans, raw, unsalted nuts, flax seed (ground) and quinoa. Sprinkle these over organic kale, lettuces and arugula.
Use combinations of olive oil, lemon juice, lime juice, tahini,  tumeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, sea salt, cumin and garlic to make your  own salad dressings!!!!         YUmm!!

Ask me for easy recipes.   Salad dressings are my specialty!  

8.)   Avoid sugar (cancer cells love it). 
Use cinnamon, lime juice, fresh fruit juice, honey or Stevia.  Never use Sweet & Low, Equal or Splenda (cancer likes them too).  Store filtered water in glass containers, not plastic. Invest in a PH filter for your water.
Ask me about PH balance and food/health.

9.)   Take herbs and natural supplements.  Contact me for auryurvedic herbs. pm@charterstowellness.com
I also like : www.frequencyfoods.com

  Omega 3 fatty acids, Super Greens (wheat grass), hari taki,  amilaki, neem oil, COQ10, ....for starters.

10.) Avoid inhaling benzene (a solvent used in household cleaners, detergents and paints, gasoline, tobacco).             

11.) Avoid second-hand tobacco smoke. Hold your breath when walking past someone who is smoking cigarettes, cigars or a vehicle giving off exhaust fumes. YUCK!!!!!!

12.) Nourishing your spirit with feel-good, positive, highly resonating feelings will nourish your cells and fortify your level of wellness.   
     (refer to previous blog, your favorite things for an exercise).

13.) Whenever possible go outside in the SUN and PLAY!!! Visit the ocean or the mountains as often as possible. The energy in these places is divine!!!
The air is pure. The vistas are heavenly!

                   happy cleansing!!!!

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