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       An underlying goal in life is to maintain the highest level of existence possible; the better we feel, the more rewarding each day can be. As we go along living our lives, it's easy to overlook the important things that lead to the real rewards in life—improved health, increased energy, peace of mind, etc.
       Life and living contain many complexities, and when you have discovered only limited pieces of the puzzle, it's sometimes hard to focus on the big picture.  As science and technology move forward, we can see how much we've learned about health and how far we still have to go.                           

      When it comes to improving your health and well-being, you can simplify things somewhat by focusing on the basics. Evaluating your choices in life based on a cause and effect philosophy can make it easier to sort things out. Simply put, when you take an action (the cause), what will be the result (the effect)?  In many areas, our society tends to put the emphasis on addressing symptoms, especially regarding health. It's often left to the individual to dig down to the truth of the matter, the actual cause of the situation.  For example, if you have a headache and take a pain killer such as aspirin, you may find temporary relief from the pain (the symptom), but you've done nothing to change the condition that caused your head to hurt in the first place.
        What can you do to handle the actual cause of your problems? One simple approach is to identify which positive things you can add to your life and which negative things you can eliminate or lessen.  For instance, supporting the physical aspect of your life includes addressing your diet, getting proper amounts of exercise, rest and water, and keeping your body cleansed from the inside out.  On the mental/ spiritual/ emotional level, you'll want to consider your relation­ships, living and working conditions, financial picture, and any stress-causing elements, etc.

          Your body will do its best to stay healthy. Its goal is to maintain a state of balance, and it does what it can with the conditions you provide. Spend some time reviewing the various elements of your life and see which areas you can find ways to improve.

            One hint: If you want your life to be at its best, you need to remain alert to the choices you make — and their eventual outcome. It's easier to experience declining health condi­tions when you ignore the consequences of your actions. Choose wisely and enjoy the rewards!
           When it comes to positive contributions to your overall health, regular massage sessions can make quite a difference. Understanding more about how your body benefits from bodywork can help you appreciate what changes can be occurring during each session. Click onto the F.Y.I. page to explore some of the many health advantages avail­able to you through massage and bodywork!
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