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Penny Morris, formerly the owner of Floating Table Holistic Massage of Cape May, New Jersey and Chestnut Hill, in NW Philadelphia, has most recently established CHARTERS TO WELLNESS, a forum for people to access and to sustain the energy of their life force, which yields....increased vitality...higher quality of life....happiness, peace, well-being.    

Having previously embarked upon a career change, in 1990, from corporate sales and marketing, to education, Penny Davis Morris shifted, once again in 2000, and found herself, at age forty, a graduate of Omega School of Healing Arts. Her training included emphasis on providing clients with a holistic, therapeutic experience which integrates techniques from several methods and modalities intended to honor the whole person, not just their muscles and bones.
In a typical session with Penny, one will enjoy a hybrid of healing techniques, beginning with meditational breath coaching, continuing with Swedish and Neuromuscular (deep tissue) massage, Shiatsu and Thai bodywork, and sometimes ending with Chakra Balancing. Most sessions are enhanced with aromatherapy oils, or fresh-cut aloe and the warmth of steamed towels or warmed stones. Music or nature sounds are always played, as massage/bodywork has often been referred to as a dance……a dance between the energies of the practitioner and client, and ultimately the dance which engages the client’s body, mind, and spirit.

“Creating the safe environment for that sacred healing exchange to take place becomes my job and my honor. Every session is different because each person brings to the table a different mix of physiological, emotional and energetic components with which to work. My treatment is not just about muscles and bones - I consider my work a partnership with my client. I call upon my intuition to respond to the aura which is present at the time. My hope is that when someone leaves my table, they not only feel fabulous; but that, internally, they have received a healing dose of surrounding light that stays with them."
Currently Penny Morris continues to practice massage and bodywork in various arenas, including: client homes, area wellness centers and in corporate venues, where she offers seated massage & stress management and personal development workshops.

In 2008 Ms. Morris founded CHARTERS TO WELLNESS to expand her offering. Drawing from her formal training and previous work in marketing/business management and education, her profound spiritual connection, and finally, her passion for the arts, she produces healing, transformational workshops and retreats. Much of her engaging and experiential presentation is approached from a cross-cultural perspective. Upon recently acquiring her certification as a certified professional coach, Ms. Morris now offers individual life coaching, focusing on personal empowerment via one's own mind*body*spirit connection.

Ms. Morris plans to offer holistic coaching in management and business development upon completion of her Executive Leadership and Business Development Certification.           

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