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Destination Cape May

A life-long, full-time summer resident, and currently a half year resident, I grew up not just having fun in the sun, ocean and waterways; but also working in several of  Cape May's finest establishments. I began my love affair with the summer work frenzy at age 12 as a relish girl at The Colonial Hotel (now The Inn of Cape May) in the grand dining room.  I eventually earned my stripes as a waitress by age 15 at which time I weathered my first hurricane. The Colonial was the only hotel in Cape May that remained open! My tray actually flew up in the air and landed right back on the palm of my hand! 

Penny's Cape May Favorites...


Congress Hall

Why I love it.....Partially Nostalgia and What is has become.
I played on the grounds as a child in the '60's. I used to go there with my grandmother and great aunt to card parties! The current owner, grandson of the original owner, has transformed this historic CM staple into the hottest destination not only on the island, but in the world!   

all kinds of happenings!

BTW... That's my son, Hiro, in the photo. His summer job @ CH a few years ago....the summer shore work thing continues with a new generation! 

Ocean Club Hotel  
Why I Love It.... It's located on the not-so-concentrated east end of the island on the oceanfront. Great for catching the sunrise. You'll feel like you're in St. Tropez. It's pleasing to my senses. It's gorgeous, sophisticated and sexy. The rooms are spacious... get one with the sundeck access.  The staff goes out of the way to provide stellar service. It's restaurant, SeaSalt, is exotic & world class. The poolside Tiki Bar is the best place to relax and unwind, meet old and new friends!  

Bed & Breakfast
Rhythm of the Sea
Why I Love It.... It's Just Lovely.... oceanfront, remote; yet a stroll away from the center of town.

Congress Hall year-round...cozy...great weeknight food specials
SeaSalt Bar @ Ocean Club Hotel....exotic, sexy, sophisticated, amazing mixology
Bar @ The Pier House ....great drinks, amazing menu served at the bar
Tiki Bar @ Ocean Club Hotel....upscale, poolside, overlooking the ocean, laid back, very creative mixology!
The Beach Shack....Cape May or Jamaica? totally laid back...bikini, dog, kid & sand friendly...get the strawberry wings! Good live reggae!

The Boiler Room @ Congress Hall... great live bands!

Live Music:
Merion Inn: Jazz on Tuesday Nights
SeaSalt Restaurant: Live Jazz
The Tiki Bar @ Ocean Club Hotel : Stell Drums on Sundays 4 - 6PM
The Brown Room: Piano Lounge
The Beach Shack: Live Reggae..most evenigs


Beach Beach tags required in Cape May
My favorite is my secret...but they each have something uniquely their own
Poverty Beach,...East End great for sunrise

Sunset Beach...Free Beach, Free Parking, Shops, Food Stand. Delaware Bay; not ocean.
Great for Cape May Diamonds on an overcast day

Pier House I just love it! ambience, food, service, prices
SeaSalt @ Ocean Club Hotel I love the breakfasts! Also the clams on the half-shell. Amazing, romantic atmosphere. Exoctic, artistic cuisine. Stellar Service!
The Blue Pig @ Congress Hall   I love brunch & lunch on the patio
The Lobster House....Wharf - side at it's best. I love the stone crab claws! 
H&H....Dockside...BYOB..All U Can Eat Crabs!

Massage.... by Yours Truly

Mind*Body*Spirit Mini Retreat
Cape May, NJ: May - Oct. 

10AM - 8:00PM/E.S.T.
A day with Penny in an amazing setting... Pulling from the multi-sensory "equipment" provided by the day's experience, we will examine and edit your life's reel and via fun, introspective, creative exercises, experience the reality of your new script, entitled "REAL". Breakfast or Lunch and Dinner are included. During the day you will also receive a free session of holistic massage or Integrated Energy Therapy to help you to re-calibrate the level of your emotional wellness. This all-day adventure is preceded by (2) 90-minute intensive, insightful vision phone calls, and followed by a 30-day-out check-in call. Much of the magic happens during these 2 vision calls. This process unravels each and every layer of your life and discloses what's working and what's not. This opens the space for you to discern what you'd like it to look like: YOUR VISION! Following the calls, your information is processed and translated into a personalized vision statement that is uniquely your blueprint. Your Vision Statement will be delivered to you during your SELF CHECK-IN experience. The day is built around your vision project enabling you to see, hear, taste, smell and feel what your dream life really is. This creates an imprint on your subconscious mind. This is transformation! Travel and lodging are not included in the price. A list of available, serene accommodations will be provided. CALL FOR MORE INFO: 410.446.6720

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