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WHAT IS whole-life navigation? 

A Note from Penny Morris, B.S., C.M.T., CPC    
Founder, Charters To Wellness

     Thank you for your interest in Charters to Wellness (CTW).  Much of my life has been spent on beaches and, thanks to my late Father, boats. In his honor, I conceptualized this program around nautical metaphors.  Like many, I feel the sun, sea and sand resonating within, throughout and around my soul!  I employ the tall ship as the symbolic vehicle upon which one embarks on a course to discover a state of optimal health, wealth and happiness…a charter to wellness. On this charter you'll experience the necessary tools in order to: access your life force (your vitality), elevate your level of vitality, and keep it where you want it, and, thus, thrive on your own terms!

We offer programs ranging from Mind*Body*Spirit Personal Care and Personal Development to Personal Finance (financial "wellth"). We also advocate for and market eco-friendly and wellness products.
         Wellness is a state of being, the pursuit of which is a perpetual process rather than a final, absolute destination.  So much for the notion of arriving at that place of perfection and passively "living happily ever-after". As long as you live you've got to keep it moving! The great thing is that by choosing to live authentically and strategically in the present, you can project a higher yield for the future.
     Step One in setting out on your course to wellness is getting “on-board”  and claiming your captain’s license.  YOU have the right to design YOUR OWN manifest, to make YOUR mistakes, to go off-course, to weather YOUR storms!  When you sail into that sunny, picturesque harbor it'll feel so wonderful. You'll stay for a while, until things change..... and you know they inevitably always do, eventually. So you'll embark upon other journeys and you'll find that each journey to safe harbor becomes easier!  Sometimes, not; but life's experiences teach us to appreciate the rough seas for the gifts they bring to us.         
    The pursuit of wellness is an ongoing charter of discovery, learning, development and growth, one’s journey  through life. This self-evolution empowers us to facilitate our own healing process whenever our state of well-being feels compromised. Remember, however, that every good captain needs an exceptional crew.  Throughout one’s journey, navigating from one port to the next, it is imperative to interview, employ and manage the presence of supportive crew members  (i.e., the people in one’s life: family, friends, partners, teachers, coaches, professional helpers, etc…,) to help out NOT ONLY when the weather turns and waters become rough; but continually to serve as accountability gauges.
      Knowing when it’s time to throw  over  the excess baggage is essential. 
Life presents us with constant changes, which make it necessary for one to shift in order to manage the impact. When a boat is impacted by the wake of a larger passing ship or unfriendly seas, what happens?  Does it keel over or capsize under the pressure?  No.  The boat stays afloat because it is equipped with the ability to rock from side to side until it regains it’s equilibrium and resumes it’s natural course.
Our programs are designed to effectively guide individuals or special groups through the navigation  process of life’s various courses, facilitating growth, awareness, universal connection  and self empowerment.  The programs are facilitated by myself, A certified professional coach, former educator and certified massage therapist, or other providers of holistic health modalities and professional services. When appropriate, I refer out to professionals offering exceptional products or services.              
        My hope is that during the course of your many pursuits of self discovery you'll embark upon Charters to Wellness as a navigation vessel.... a safe space.  At least catch a wave with us!
It’ll be a fun ride!
        With Warmest Regards and Many Blessings,

.....may your journey be blessed!
- Penny
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